What is the difference between TLC and HPLC?

TLC is a quicker and more cost effective system, however is often less precise than HPLC.
HPLC is considerably more accurate and precise which is why it is considered the standard method for cannabinoid analysis
While a sample of 22%THC can vary +/-0.4% with HPLC, the TLC analysis can vary by +/-2%

What is Total THC/CBD

Total THC/CBD is the amount of cannabinoid that is active after the decarboxylation process. Acidic compounds such as THCa will convert into neutral form, THC, when heated to the correct temperature.
During that process the THCa molecule will loss Carbon Dioxide, CO2, when it converts to THC. This means THC is a smaller compound with less mass than THCa.

If a cannabis flower had 10% THCa, only 8.77% will actually become THC while the other 1.23% will become C02 upon heating.

Therefore total THC is calculated by the equation Total THC=0.877xTHCa + THC

cAN YOU TEST for pesticides, terpenes & Heavy meatals?

At this moment Highlab can only offer cannabinoid potency testing. We are currently seeking options available as well as input regarding priority of each analysis.
Ideally we would implement all testing immediately, however the most logical step would be for us to proceed with one system 1st.
If you are interested in any of the above testing methods please let us know which you consider to be priority.

Can I send samples by post?

Unfortunately due to local laws receiving samples by mail is not allowed.  Please Do NOT send samples by mail.

How quick do I get results?

Currently we have  standard 1 week wait from the date the sample was received.