Why testing is essential

Consumption of any product with out prior testing is not only hazardous to health but also the experience

  • Composition - What Cannabinoids are present and how much
  • Contamination - Verify the product is safe for Consumption
  • Quality Assurance - Provide 3rd party assurance to customers

Why choose highlab

Cannabis testing at highlab is more than just a test service, we build trust within the industry by sharing knowledge and working together to improve the industry as whole

  • Experience: Over 10 years testing cannabis
  • Validated Method: All our method details are public
  • Great Facilities: All equipment and supplies is precision level
Basic test

For our Basic test we use Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) which provides a quick and cheap analysis of 2 cannabinoids: THC and CBD. Although slightly less accurate than the advanced test, we can perform a basic test in half the time at a fraction of the cost compared to more advanced methods.

Advanced test

The advanced test employs use of a High Performance Liquid Chromatography system (HPLC) with a UV-VIS Diode Array Detector. This test is both more accurate and precise than the basic, as well as offering the additional detection and quantification of 9 cannabinoids:

Microscopic Analysis

In addition to potency we offer a microscopic analysis that can reveal much more about the product than with the naked eye. Contamination such as spider mites or powdery mildew are easily identifiable under the scope, as well as trichome maturity or damage.

Two Spotted Spider Mite
Tetranychus Urticae